Did you know that medical researchers have calculated that almost 50% of your intelligence comes from the 9 months in the womb? Doesn’t leave much to nature and the remaining 77-80 yrs of your life.

Did you know that education researchers have calculated that the most significant impact on a child’s learning in primary school in the quality of the teacher.With a good teacher delivering 1.5yrs of learning versus a bad delivering 0.5 yrs of learning, thats a  1 yr difference in each year of school. Which means that by the end of primary school you can have a student the equivalent capability of a yr 9 or yr 3 student or somewhere in between.

Did you know that in 1998, more than half of the Australian BRW rich list was made up of people without a tertiary qualification.

Did you know that India produces more than 50,000 MBA graduates each year, more than the number of VCE students in Victoria, and yet 300m Indian people live in poverty.

Did you know that in Australia, there are currently more than 40 Home loan lenders providing over 600 home loan products, that can have more than 100 varying product features? ANd we haven’t even looked at credit cards, insurance products, savings accounts and whatever else can be produced to confuse you.

Sometimes being intelligent isn’t about having all the answers, its about knowing the right questions, and knowing who to ask. And sometimes being rich isn’t about money, and rates and finances, its about having flexibilty and control of your decisions, so that you are doing your best to protect and serve your families needs.

So…INTELLIGENT is building a place for consumers to come to BE MONEY CONFIDENT.

And confidence is about controlling the direction your life takes, the associated risks, and having the financial partners, brokers and product providers that make it happen for you.

We are on a business journey, getting started, working on the right things, the controllable things. If you are on a ‘money journey’. Then we may just be for you.

And if you are like us, and believe the best bank is that bank you don’t need, but choose to use, then we are definintely for you.

If you are interested to know more. Then come visit us again soon. Enjoy your day, your week, the year and your life!


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